The ISKA is organizing in cooperation with the national Snow-Kite Associations of several countries Snowkite-Instructor Courses. This courses give you the opportunities to get all the informations and knowledge to run Kite-Courses. We try to to teach you on highest level of qualitiy therefore the courses are not overloded with people. The duration of the courses depends on the topics you choose.


Number Location  Organisation Person
ITC 01 Bernina / SUI  ISKA / KSA 12
JUD 02 Silvaplana /SUI  ISKA 20
ITC 02 Reschenpass / ITA  ISKA / KSA 12
ITC 03-A Silvaplana / SUI  ISKA / IKO 8
JUD 03 Silvaplana / SUI  ISKA 8
ITC 04 Reschenpass / ITA  ISKA / KSA 12

You can make reservations for your place for any course by mail:

ITC = Instructor Training Course

JUD= Judging Course

ISKA = International Snwokiting Association

KSA = Kitesurfing and Snowkiting Association e.V.

IKO = International Kiteboarding Organization